A Beginners Guide to IT Professional Programs

Information Technology Training in Shreveport, Louisiana

The world is an ever-changing place, with new technologies driving the majority of innovations. As society evolves so do the required skills to work with those new technologies on a professional level. One of the biggest struggles companies face during a technological revolution is finding qualified and trained professionals to fill the new jobs being invented every year. An Information Technology Specialist Program is one of the best ways to show employers you possess the exact skills they are looking for.

What is an Information Technology Specialist Program?

It is a program designed around the growing technology industry, with the goal of fully preparing its graduates for a career in IT. With a combination of classwork, real-life applications, and in-demand certifications, it is the ultimate tool in starting your career within a booming field.

Why Consider an IT Program?

  • At Ayers Career College, completion of our program will not only earn you a diploma to signify your success, but also the opportunity to earn 4 industry-leading certifications, CompTIA IT Fundamentals, A+, Network+ and Security+
  • 90% of employers “agree the certified employees perform better and earn more recognition as compared to non-certified staff.” Meaning you are putting yourself in a better position for promotion and advancement in the industry.
  • It has been shown that certifications play a huge role in making your first impression with a company. CompTIA reported that 92% of employers “believe IT certifications help to ensure credibility to employees.” Greatly improve your chances of getting hired.

Advantages of Information Technology Programs

Stay Up to DateLearning new skills as they become more necessary is important for any industry. In a field like information technology, it is almost mandatory. Gaining your diploma and certificates let future employers know you are proficient in relevant topics and are ready to work.

Education Expedited – While many high paying jobs in tech require a 4-year degree or more, Ayers Career College Information Technology Specialist Program can be completed in just 36 weeks. Putting you in control of your future faster and at a more affordable price point.

Multiple Career Paths – When you have completed the program and earned your diploma, the next big step will be choosing your specific field. Included in those fields are jobs in cybersecurity, server operating systems, data structures, and network analyzing.

Is Information Technology for you?

If you are in the market to revamp not only your career but your lifestyle, then the answer might be yes. After graduation, you will have earned your place in the fast-paced and always forward moving industry of technology. Ayers Career College will equip you with all the tools and qualifications you need to succeed, and you will be more than ready to start your new career. It is then up to you on how far you would like to take this, the sky is the limit and Ayers is happy to provide the training to help get you there.


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