Ayers Career College Hosts IT Virtual Job Fair

Trust Technology Consultants, LLC. Speaks about IT career opportunities

Many students would agree that securing a job after college is one of the stressful aspects of the college experience. In fact, it takes an average of three to six months for college graduates to find a job after college. Lucky for you, Ayers Career College offers various opportunities for students through its Career Services Department. From career planning, job search techniques, and job leads, this department ensures that all visitors are equipped with the necessary tools and skills to enter today’s competitive professional market.

Ayers has also begun to host a series of Virtual Job Fairs on its social media platforms. Each episode centers around one of Ayers’ regional employer partners, which offers students insight into what their company is about and potential career positions they may be qualified for. Our Information Technology participant, Trust Technology Consultants, LLC, recently sat down with our team to answer popular questions submitted by students. Check out the video and questions below!

Q: Who are you, and what do you do?

A: “My name is Mack Slaughter with Trust Technology Consultants, LLC. We are a local phone vendor, meaning we take care of business phone systems for local companies. My specific role is Network Services Director, and I maintain relationships with all of our customers and various carriers like AT&T, Lumen, Comcast, Sudden Link, and 100 different others.”

Q: What job positions are you currently looking to fill?

A: “We are currently focusing on hosted services, meaning voice-over IP phone systems. We take customers anywhere from two phones to 200 phones and beyond. We have a few different platforms that we do that with. A lot of them can use softphones like the ones we are talking on now with headsets and not even have physical phones on the desk anymore. So we’re needing more IT-centric technicians.”

Q: Where is Trust Technology Consultants, LLC located?

A: “We are based in Shreveport. We cover territory in the Ark-La-Tex, but we do have customers that cross the state of Louisiana, as well as some into East and Central Texas.”

Q: Why is Trust Technology Consultants, LLC looking to hire Ayers students?

A: “We’ve been working with Ayers for a very long time on their advisory board. We’ve been instrumental in helping guide some of the education paths of the students. From there, we were able to see a growth in their IT department, and that is where we’re needing to see more technicians from, they’re needing to be more IT-centric. That’s exactly what we found with this most recent hire. He is more capable on the computer than a regular applicant. He has a lot of certifications that he’s gained through employment there..”

Q: What background should I have to get started with an IT career at Trust Technology Consultants, LLC?

A: “A curious background, that’s it. Specifically for my industry, I did not know anything about telephony when I started here, nine years ago actually… My nine-year career started knowing nothing about telephony and how these things worked. So, for me…I loved computers, and I knew I wanted to do something in that field… So, for a person who is interested in the field just like the guy we hired – it’s more of just, do you enjoy working with computers? From there, that’s a skill that can be developed at Ayers, and we can take that and turn it into something more with on-the-job training.”

Q: Are there career growth opportunities within the IT field?

A: “Absolutely! That’s one of the things that drew me towards it. I knew I liked computers, and I liked tinkering, and I was just curious. But, this industry is constantly changing… Technology is constantly changing, constantly evolving… With the way technology changes, it’s fun to stay on top and stay with it and stay with the times. As far as growth potential, there is a massive opportunity in cyber security right now, and that’s something that Ayers is focusing on… Everybody’s getting attacked, everybody’s getting hacked, and we have to have the employees to fill that skill gap that is happening right now in the marketplace. If you come in with just basic education on cyber security, you can almost write your ticket to anywhere you want to go. From there, you can just climb the ladder, and there’s really no limit right now. It’s a fantastic opportunity!

I want to try to keep all of our talents here… when I decided to stay, that’s really where I started to look at the community and say ‘We need to try to keep that talent here. I’m part of a lot of initiatives, Ayers is one of them, and I work with other community colleges and universities to try to educate students that, hey, there are jobs here. Not only are there jobs, but there’s also cool stuff, cool opportunities, and we need you to stay here so our community can thrive.”

Q: If I am interested in a career with Trust Technology Consultants, LLC, who should I contact?

A: “If they’re looking to specifically put in an application with us, they start with me. They can always get with Daffodil Todd at Ayers or Vic Farris, they can get the student in contact with me. We do have a Facebook page where you can go send a message to and we can start a conversation there. Or, get my contact information off of our website. Just call in, ask for me, and they can transfer you to my extension. We don’t have an official job application form – it’s more local base. Let’s chat about it!”

Q: Does Trust Technology Consultants LLC offer any benefits for its employees?

A: “I use the cliché term, we offer competitive rates. We do have employee compensation packages that include healthcare, vision, and dental. We have 401k with company match, vacation, and paid PTO. Typically for our technicians, we supply all tools – you don’t have to bring in anything, we supply the technology, laptops, and any tools needed. We have a vehicle for our technicians as well. We also provide all stock and a company credit card to put gas in the vehicle and maintenance for the vehicle.”

Q: Why is it an advantage to work for a local company?

A: “One of the advantages of working with a company like ours over a large corporation would be that familial environment… our industry has been around even longer than IT, and just looking at the history of that is good educational sense. That’s something we get to do here, we get to sit around the table, toss the tennis ball around, and just talk, and be a bit more laid back. Something that we also get to do here vs. a corporation is that we really invest in our customers and our clients, not just our employees. Because of this, we can help our clients succeed, then in turn, that helps us succeed… I want you to be there and I want you to talk to our customers and get to know them – find out who they are, how did they get into the position they’re in, and stuff like that. That’s what’s made us different from our competition over the past 20 years.”

Q: What would my day-to-day job look like at Trust Technology Consultants LLC?

A: “Every day is different! Sometimes you’d be in a work vehicle going from place to place, setting up new phones, helping a customer move phones from here to there, setting up an application on a PC that allows you to do voice-over IP calling on their computer, downloading an app on their smartphone so they can do all of that stuff. Sometimes it’s remote, where you can stay at the office and take care of trouble tickets. It really changes and depends on our footprint. At the drop of a hat, we might have an outage… and we might have to drive over there… take care of the customer, and drive on back. So, you never really know what you’re going to get when the day starts. Some people may love stability and know exactly what they’re going to do day in and day out. But I loved that when I started here – you never know what you’re going to do!”

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