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A Beginners Guide to IT Professional Programs

by on August 18th, 2020 in Articles Career Training News

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Information Technology Training in Shreveport, Louisiana

The world is an ever-changing place, with new technologies driving the majority of innovations. As society evolves so does the required skills to work with those new technologies on a professional level. One of the biggest struggles companies face during a technological revolution is finding qualified and trained professionals to fill the new jobs being invented every year. An Information Technology Specialist Program is one of the best ways to show employers you possess the exact skills they are looking for.

What is an Information Technology Specialist Program?

It is a program designed around the growing technology industry, with the goal of fully preparing its graduates for a career in IT. With a combination of classwork, real-life applications, and in-demand certifications, it is the ultimate tool in starting your career within a booming field.

Why Consider an IT Program?

• At Ayers Career College, completion of our program will not only earn you a diploma to signify your success, but also the opportunity to earn 4 industry-leading certifications, CompTIA IT Fundamentals, A+, Network+ and Security+

• 90% of employers “agree the certified employees perform better and earn more recognition as compared to non-certified staff.” Meaning you are putting yourself in a better position for promotion and advancement in the industry.

• It has been shown that certifications play a huge role in making your first impression with a company. CompTIA reported that 92% of employers “believe IT certifications help to ensure credibility to employees.” Greatly improve your chances of getting hired.

Advantages of Information Technology Programs

Stay Up to DateLearning new skills as they become more necessary is important for any industry. In a field like information technology, it is almost mandatory. Gaining your diploma and certificates let future employers know you are proficient in relevant topics and are ready to work.

Education Expedited – While many high paying jobs in tech require a 4-year degree or more, Ayers Career College Information Technology Specialist Program can be completed in just 36 weeks. Putting you in control of your future faster and at a more affordable price point.

Multiple Career Paths – When you have completed the program and earned your diploma, the next big step will be choosing your specific field. Included in those fields are jobs in cybersecurity, server operating systems, data structures, and network analyzing.

Is Information Technology for you?

If you are in the market to revamp not only your career but your lifestyle, then the answer might be yes. After graduation, you will have earned your place in the fast-paced and always froward moving industry of technology. Ayers Career College will equip you with all the tools and qualifications you need to succeed, and you will be more than ready to start your new career. It is then up to you on how far you would like to take this, the sky is the limit and Ayers is happy to provide the training to help get you there.

Career Training After Military Service

by on November 5th, 2019 in Articles Career Training News

If your military service is coming to an end, you might be wondering what your next career step will be. Many of the skills you learned and used in the military will transfer to a job in trades or healthcare. Career colleges and trade schools provide training and certifications that can lead to long-term jobs in today’s most in-demand career fields. A career training school like Ayers Career Colleges is a great option for military veterans settling back into civilian life.

What Career Colleges Offer

Career Colleges and Trade Schools usually offer several options for learning a new trade. Ayers Career College offers training programs in the trades and healthcare fields. Training options include Heating/AC/Refrigeration (HAVC-R), Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, and Electronic Technician training. In addition, we offer shorter certification classes in IT technology fields or phlebotomy.

How Long are the Training Programs?

The career training programs can be completed in 36 weeks. For programs with evening schedules, training will take 60 weeks. The shorter certification classes range between 2 and 5 weeks.

This shorter timeframe can be better than committing to programs that take as long as 4 years at a traditional college or university. In under a year, you can be on your way to a new career in an in-demand field! With proper career training, you can earn a quality income to help support your family after your military service is complete.

Can I Use Financial Aid?

Federal and State Programs help eligible participants further their careers. We encourage students to fill out the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine eligibility for financial assistance. Students that meet the requirements will be awarded assistance to use toward a training program at Ayers.

Further, your financial aid officer can help determine if you are eligible to use VA benefits toward your career training.

Knowing you can complete a training program in one year (or less!) is a great motivation to getting the education you deserve. Career training improves your chances of getting a high-quality, high-paying job in an in-demand industry! Get started by contacting Ayers Career College today!

Communication Skills & Pharmacy Technicians

by on October 15th, 2019 in Articles Career Training News Pharmacy Tech Training

Image of pharmacy tech stocking medications on shelf looking at camera smiling. Text over image reads: "Communication Skills & Pharmacy Techs"

Pharmacy technicians must have a wide range of technical skills and specialized knowledge to carry out their duties. But being able to effectively communicate with customers and patients continues to be one of the most important skills.

This is especially true because of the increasing demand for pharmacy technicians. Job growth for pharmacy tech positions is expected to increase by 12% by 2026. While this means that there is an opportunity for career advancement, there will also be a lot of competition. Clear and insightful communication could mean the difference between a promotion or not.

Pharmacy technicians must interact with patients that may have many questions and concerns about their prescribed medications. Some patients may be confused or frustrated. Because pharmacy techs work in one-on-one customer-facing settings, it is crucial that they develop and demonstrate strong interpersonal skills.

At Ayers Career College, our pharmacy tech training program prepares students to successfully overcome the challenges they will encounter in working life, including potential communication issues. We train our students in several key areas, such as:

  • Providing technical, administrative, and clerical support to pharmacists
  • Mixing and repackaging medications
  • Delivering drugs to patients
  • Accurately and thoroughly maintaining patient records to deliver proper dosages, while avoiding issuing unsafe medications
  • Assisting patients that are trying to interpret medical instructions while not feeling well
  • Treating patients and colleagues in a kind, professional manner

Pharmaceutical employers are always on the lookout for effective communicators. At Ayers Career College, you can become a pharmacy tech in less than a year. If a career as a pharmacy technician sounds like a good fit for you, check out our pharmacy tech training program. Contact us today if you’re ready to start working towards your new career.

Back to School for Grown-Ups: Career Training as an Adult

by on September 4th, 2018 in Articles Career Training News

It’s no secret that in this day and age higher education is important to increase your earnings. But what if you’ve been in the workforce for over a decade? Is it worth it to go back to school for a degree or specialized certification and how easy will it be to slide back into the student life?

The benefits of going back to school

The wage gap is growing and those that have degrees or certificates are doing much better than those without. It’s worth the time and money you put into getting certified in programs like HVAC repair, pharmacy technician, medical assistant, and electronic technicians because these jobs won’t be disappearing. In fact, as industries rely on more tech, fields like HVAC and electronics will always be looking for qualified people to fill the jobs. The medical field is one of the fastest growing fields and qualified medical assistants and pharmacy techs are always in demand. Going back to school will boost your ability to earn more and stay employed.

What about the costs?

There are costs to going back to school and getting a degree or a certified in a field. One way to help you afford your educational pursuits is to look into financial aid. Most colleges and trade schools offer some type of assistance to help you pay for tuition while you’re in school. Loan repayment is deferred until after you’ve gotten your degree or certificate so you’re not on the hook for payments until after you’ve finished your education.

Time management

Going back to school as an adult presents time challenges, as most people are already working and can’t just up and quit their jobs to seek more education. Many schools, like Ayers Career College, offer flexible schedules so you can learn while you earn. Career colleges also offer accelerated courses so you’re not spending years in college making it faster for you to get done and get out in the workforce working in the field you want.

Education is a lifelong pursuit, and you’re never too old to back and make yourself more marketable to employers who are looking for someone with your skill sets. You deserve to take the time and invest in yourself. Check out Ayers Career College to find flexible schedules, financial aid, and the teachers who are waiting to get you on your way to earning more money. Ready? Call us today! 1-800-317-0131

Benefits of Ayers Certification Classes

by on July 18th, 2017 in Career Training News

Every day, thousands of American adults think to themselves, “is this the right time to go back to school?” and the answer is “Yes!” You can go back to school to learn about computers, healthcare, or even HVAC services. Ayers Career College wants students to know the benefits of returning to school for shorter certificate programs: it’s a good time to look into the benefits of short certification classes.

  • Certificate programs are designed with the older student in mind. In less than six weeks, you can train to be a phlebotomist or get certified for Microsoft Office.
  • The annual “job outlook” for healthcare is very good: the field needs thousands of trustworthy people each year. You can work at a nursing home or as a private care nursing assistant.
  • Workplaces want to hire people with certifications. They would rather hire someone who has a certificate of “digital literacy” because they want to make a good investment in a new worker.

While the return to school may seem a little daunting, job experts want older Americans to know that there are jobs out there: every year, thousands of nursing jobs and HVAC jobs go unfilled. Once you’ve completed a certification course, why not try a longer course? The average salary for nursing jobs is more than $40,000, and if you can start with a shorter certification course, you might double or triple your salary over the course of two years. Contact us for more information. We offer classes that fit in with your existing job schedule and financial aid packages.

CompTIA Certification Classes at Ayers

by on May 19th, 2016 in Career Training

Ayers Career College offers CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ Certification classes for individuals interested in getting ahead in their IT career!

CompTIA certifications are highly regarded as the starting point for careers in IT, but choosing the right one may be overwhelming, or even intimidating. We can help you select which certification is right for your career. Then, you’ll train and get familiar with the questions before you register and take the final certification exam – all under the direction of our certified instructor.


CompTIA A+ Certification covers foundational IT skills across devices and operating systems, and is recommended for Technical Support Specialists, IT Support Technicians, and Field Service Technicians, to name a few.

CompTIA Network+ Certification
covers the design, configure, manage and troubleshooting wired and wireless devices, and is recommended for Network Field Technicians, Network Support Specialists, Network Administrators, Network Analysts, or Help Desk Technicians.

For information on these certifications, click the program links above, or

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