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Three Simple Steps to Keep Your Scrubs Like New

by on October 13th, 2014 in Healthcare Careers Medical Assistant Medical Assistant Job Training Medical Assistant Training Pharmacy Tech Training

3 tips on keeping your scrubs look newYou’ve completed your MA or PT training, and you’ve scored the job you’ve always wanted – so, now you get to wear scrubs almost every day of the week. You know that it’s important to keep your scrubs looking new, but are you really sure how to do it?

Follow these three tips below to keep your scrubs looking as new as the day you brought them home!

1. Wash…Then Wear
Washing your scrubs before you wear them helps in a couple ways. Since you’ll be wearing them daily, and washing them frequently, the colors may fade faster – leaving them looking older than they really are. Pre-washing your scrubs using one half to one full cup of vinegar helps set the color dyes, and helps prevent them from fading early on. Keeping them clean and ironing as needed keeps them looking, and smelling, brand new!
2. Save the Drama For Your Momma, and Save Your Scrubs for Work
It’s important to wear fresh, clean scrubs to work everyday. Wearing your scrubs for non-work related activities opens up an array of ways for them to get stains, rips or tears! Many Medical Assistants, and those elsewhere in the medical field, change into fresh scrubs at their workplace before the start of their shift, and then change out of them before leaving for the day.

3. R E S P E C T… Give Your Scrubs the Respect They Deserve!
Scrub pants and shirts may require a more thorough cleaning than just everyday clothes, like jeans or t-shirts. Consider washing them separately, so you are able to fully clean and disinfect them. Make sure you have several pairs of scrub pants and shirts so you can wash them together and start the week with fresh and sanitized garments to wear for work. This also allows you to keep a spare in your work locker or car in the event that you need to change your scrubs mid-shift.

Keeping your scrubs looking fresh and new is as simple as 1, 2, 3 – and following these three simple tips will help you maintain a professional work appearance. Not yet wearing scrubs to work? Find out more about our Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician or even our Medical Office Specialist training programs. Call us today at 1-800-317-0131, or just fill out the form on this page and let us call you!

Medical Assistant lab training

by on October 23rd, 2012 in Healthcare Careers Medical Assistant Medical Assistant Job Training Medical Assistant Training Student Testimonials

Medical Assistant instructor Sharon Doyal demonstrates the proper technique for removing sutures for a group of MA students including Brittny Remedies and Sarah Foster during a recent lab project.
Suture training lab work at Ayers Career College Medical Assistant program

Suture training lab work at Ayers Career College Medical Assistant program“Ms. Doyal taught us to cut right below the knot when removing the suture and to gently remove it while being careful not to yank. She said it helps to gently tug at the patient’s skin while removing the suture.”
–Sarah Foster

MA student Latecia Baber looks on as instructor Sharon Doyal teaches the correct procedure for suture removal during a recent lab project. (right)


Suture training lab work at Ayers Career College Medical Assistant program


Medical Assistant student Latheron Youngblood assists in the removal of sutures from a lab prop during the suture and staple removal lab exercise.

“We were learning how to remove sutures. Ms. Doyal also showed us the proper procedure for removing surgical staples.”
– Latheron Youngblood

Allergy season predicted to be harsh, pharmacies will see growth in business

by on April 25th, 2012 in Healthcare Careers Pharmacy Tech Training

A warmer than normal winter for most of the nation may have been great news for those that dread the cold and snow, but it may also mean a tougher spring for those who suffer from allergies and asthma as pollen counts in many parts of the country are higher than normal for this time of the year.

“I’m seeing a lot of people the last two weeks coming in with a lot of wheezing and coughing,” Dr. Mark Kalenian with Alabama Asthma and Allergy said recently in a Dothen Eagle article on the predicted increase in allergy cases across the nation predicted for this spring. The article also reported that pharmacies are seeing an increase in allergy related prescriptions. Pharmaceutical officials say there is a much higher number of allergy drugs on the market today and is just another example of the industry’s growth and the need for professionally trained pharmacy technicians who work closely with customers/patients to help them fill prescriptions and answer questions about the medicine they are taking.

The Ayers Career College’s Pharmacy Tech training program prepares students with the skills they need to become a reliable member of a pharmacy healthcare team. In addition to providing valuable technical and clerical support to pharmacists, a pharmacy technician mixes, re-packages, labels and delivers drugs to patients. Students may also maintain computer files dealing with patients and their medications.

In less than a year, students could be out of our Pharmacy Technician training school and into a stable career.

Allergy season sees increase in prescription orders

by on April 4th, 2012 in Healthcare Careers Pharmacy Tech Training

Many people make regular trips to the pharmacy each spring as allergy season hits most of the nation. Pharmacy technicians also see an increase in allergy medication orders this time of year.

Almost all regions of the country experience rises in types of allergies in the spring season but some cities have a more challenging time than others.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) has released its preliminary 2012 Spring Allergy Capitols report, which identifies the 100 “most challenging” U.S. cities to live in with spring allergies. The scientific analysis is based on factors including: prevalence data, seasonal pollen, allergy medicine utilization per patient, and the number of board certified allergists.

Top ten most challenging cities to live with spring allergies are:

1. Knoxville, TN
2. McAllen, TX
3. Louisville, KY
4. Jackson, MS
5. Wichita, KS
6. Oklahoma City, OK
7. Chattanooga, TN
8. Memphis, TN
9. San Antonio, TX
10. Dayton, OH

For some people the only experience they have with a pharmacy is filling a prescription for allergy medication. Pharmacy technicians play an important role in pharmacies – year round – as they perform duties such as taking prescription orders and filling them.

Ayers Career College’s Pharmacy Tech training program prepares students with the skills they need to become a reliable member of a pharmacy healthcare team. In addition to providing valuable technical and clerical support to pharmacists, a pharmacy technician mixes, re-packages, labels and delivers drugs to patients. Students may also maintain computer files dealing with patients and their medications.

In less than a year, students could be out of our Pharmacy Technician training school and into a stable career.

Certification requirements vary for pharmacy techs

by on April 2nd, 2012 in Healthcare Careers Pharmacy Tech Training

The level of required training for pharmacy technicians varies from state to state, but employers are constantly looking for professionally trained workers and those that have received training from a respected school, such as Ayers Career College, are often at the front of the line for the best pharmacy tech jobs.

Most states require pharmacy technicians to be registered with the state board of pharmacy and some states require certification. The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) and the Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ICPT) administer national certification examinations.

Certification is always a great way to improve one’s chance at securing employment and Ayers Career College offers one of the best programs to not only prepare students for this growing career field, but also prepare them for certification and licensure.

In addition to having professional training in the areas of prescriptions and pharmaceuticals, pharmacy technicians are required to practice good customer service and communication skills because pharmacy technicians interact with patients, coworkers, and healthcare professionals. Basic mathematics, spelling, and reading skills also are important, as technicians must interpret prescription orders and verify drug doses. Technicians also must be precise because the details of the job are sometimes a matter of life and death.

If this is a profession you are considering entering then beginning at Ayers Career College would be your best first step. Ayers Career College offers pharmacy technician training that prepares you with the skills you need to become a reliable member of a pharmacy health care team. In less than a year, you could be out of our Pharmacy Technician training school and into a stable career you’ve always wanted.

Medical assistants in high demand

by on March 30th, 2012 in Healthcare Careers Medical Assistant

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing, yet challenged industries in America. As more and more Americans gain access to healthcare and the population ages, there is a greater demand for medical professionals and hiring in this industry continues to grow. However, there are also a lot of new regulations, especially related to insurance, and medical offices are looking for professionally trained workers in every position.

Medical assistants are in high demand as they provide a critical service in helping to make sure a busy healthcare office or facility is running smoothly. New requirements are being placed on the healthcare industry, especially related to administrative duties, and that is why many medical offices are looking for administration professionals and medical assistants that not only understand the language used in the medical field, but can navigate the often confusing world of insurance regulations and billing processes. Most of the attention in the medical field is placed on the actual medical care provided by doctors and nurses, but medical office administration professionals and assistants play an as equally important role in allowing patients to access care and keep the office running smoothly.

The medical assistant training program at Ayers Career College is the best way to start a career as a medical office assistant because students receive the type of training that puts them at the top of the list for employers looking to fill these important positions. Students receive training in all the skills required of medical office administration professionals and assistants.

Today’s medical office professionals have to ensure that claims are able to be sent to health insurance providers in a quick and correct manner so patients are not delayed in accessing needed care because of a lack of payment. Part of this job also includes verifying insurance records and recording patient payment, using various desktop publishing systems and computer software programs to maintain organized records. New federal health care regulations also require an understanding of electronic patient records and medical office administration professionals and assistants must understand how to access specific medical records that are requested by both insurance and medical professionals.

As healthcare offices are required to update the way they handle records, medical assistants with an understanding of how to quickly transition to new requirements are in high demand.

The healthcare industry is rapidly growing and jobs in all areas of this field are in high demand. If you are looking for a stable career that has a bright future then becoming a medical assistant might be a great opportunity. However, those with professional training and experience are the most likely to secure the best positions and Ayers Career College is a great place to start.

Diverse duties await pharmacy techs

by on March 28th, 2012 in Healthcare Careers Pharmacy Tech Training

Pharmacy technicians act as an assistant to a licensed pharmacist but there is a lot of responsibility required of the position, including preparing prescription medications, provide customer service to those filling prescriptions, and perform other pharmaceutical administrative tasks.

A normal day for a pharmacy technician may include receiving a prescription drug request from a customer and then filling that order. That includes counting tablets and labeling bottles. There are clerical duties included in the job description but they are closely related to the pharmaceutical industry.

The work place setting of a pharmacy technician can also vary, including drug stores, hospitals and mail-order pharmacies.

Having knowledge of computers, especially publishing systems that are used in filling orders and looking up prescription information, is especially useful. Computers are also used to look up a customer’s insurance information and medical history so that they can verify that the information on the prescription is accurate.

A pharmacy technician is different from a pharmacy aide because, unlike the aide, the pharmacy tech prepares prescriptions and mixes medications.

There are also a lot of regulations, depending on the state, which pharmacy techs are required to understand.

The job of a pharmacy tech is one of the fastest growing career fields in America and healthcare employers are consistently looking for professionally trained pharmacy techs, such as those that have completed the program at Ayers Career College. All of the job descriptions discussed in this article are covered in the Ayers pharmacy technician training program and many of the graduates are some of the most highly sought after workers in this growing career field.

Administrative/Clinical positions in high demand in healthcare industry

by on March 26th, 2012 in Healthcare Careers Medical Assistant

Want a job in the growing healthcare industry but don’t want to spend years in school? Then becoming a medical assistant might be the perfect fit as great careers can be had in the medical industry by completing the training program at Ayers Career College.

USA Today reports that in the last 12 months, the healthcare industry has accounted for 20 percent of all new jobs in the United States, with much of that growth being driven by changes mandated by healthcare reform, the 2009 federal stimulus funding, new regulations and increased use of information technology, according to the report. A lot of those changes to the healthcare industry are specifically increasing the demand for administrative positions within the industry, particularly medical assistants who perform a variety of clinical and administrative duties.

The truth is there is a shortage of workers in almost every segment of the healthcare industry, but medical assistants and other clinical/administrative positions are in high demand as employers look for applicants who have received professional training. Medical Assistants are in demand at medical offices, hospitals, ambulatory care clinics, outpatient laboratories, freestanding surgical centers, and occupational medicine clinics.

As a Medical Assistant you can feel good about the support you provide with knowledgeable skills. In addition to working with patients, many medical assistants also play an important role in tasks, such as:

– Assuming office responsibilities and applying computer knowledge
– Answering telephones, greeting patients, and scheduling appointments
– Updating and filing patients’ medical records
– Arranging for hospital admissions or laboratory services.

Pharmacy tech demand and need for trained professional growing

by on March 23rd, 2012 in Healthcare Careers Pharmacy Tech Training

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the employment of pharmacy technicians will increase by at least 31 percent over the next decade, posting a much faster increase than the average job market. The BLS states that the increase demand for pharmacy technicians will come from the increase in the use of prescription drugs, especially as the number of middle-aged and elderly persons continues to rapidly grow in the United States. That demand on prescription drug use, along with further scientific advances leading to new drugs and a growing life expectancy, is why the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the pharmacy technician field will be one of the fastest growing career fields for many years to come.

New health insurance procedures are also leading to the growth in use of prescription drugs and insurers are becoming more aware of the use of medication in preventing larger and more costly problems down the road.

This projected growth in the pharmaceutical industry is leading many job seekers to turn to a career as a pharmacy technician. It’s a job that does not require college training but receiving some form of professional training as a pharmacy technician is recommended as many employers are increasingly looking for those that have skills and experience.

The BLS also states that the use of pharmacy aides is decreasing, meaning today’s pharmacy technicians are taking over those duties. That’s good news for pharmacy technicians who will be in even bigger demand but it also means more training is required.

At Ayers Career College’s pharmacy technician training program students are taught the skills required of today’s pharmacy technicians, including clerical and administrative duties, mixing, labeling and packaging prescription drugs for patients and understanding how to use various computer-based systems increasingly used in the pharmaceutical industry.

The rapid growth of this industry has led many job seekers to jump right into a career as a pharmacy technician but these who do quickly find that without professional training it can be a tough career to navigate. The longevity of pharmacy technicians without professional training is also very low, which leads many employers to seek those that have the right training and experience.

The Ayers Career College pharmacy technician training program can put students into a stable pharmacy technician career in less than a year and those that participate in the training program will quickly find the training has given them a leg up on not only finding a job but enjoying that new position as well.

Today’s pharmaceutical industry is in desperate need for more pharmacy technicians but the need is even greater for those that have the right training and experience to hit the ground running in a new pharmacy technician career.

Employment in this growing field often requires professional training

by on March 16th, 2012 in Healthcare Careers Medical Assistant Training

The field of medical assistants is projected to grow at an extraordinary rate over the next decade, making it one of the nation’s fastest growing job fields, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

The BLS projects that the medical assistant field will grow by as much as 34 percent over the next decade with nearly 200,000 positions needing to be filled as the healthcare industry continues to grow. The prospect of a good paying and stable career in this growing field have made it an attractive destination for job seekers, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics also cautions those looking to enter this field to obtain professional training, as those that do are in a better position to secure employment as a medical assistant and are much more likely to last in this field, which can be challenging, especially to those that lack proper training.

While it is often preferred that medical assistants have professional training, the job can be secured with no college experience, making this a great career field for those without a college degree but wanting to enter a professional work environment that offers good pay and a long-lasting career. The BLS predicts that the average salary in this field will continue to rise.

The healthcare industry is in great need for medical assistants, but employers are carefully selecting applicants that have the best professional training and show signs of being long-term employees. That is why so many job-seekers are choosing to enter the Ayers Career College’s medical assistant training program. Accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education, the Ayers Career College medical assistant training program teaches students the ins and outs of the profession, including assisting with examinations, obtaining vital signs, preforming office laboratory procedures and a variety of other tasks today’s healthcare employers require from medical assistants.

Another reason to receive professional medical assistant training is it can put you in a position to advance in the career field. The opportunity to become a medical office manager or various administrative management positions are often given to those that already possess professional medical assistant training. More training may be required to advance, but those that already have medical assistant training will be better positioned to apply for various promotions and receive additional training that may be required.

Some healthcare facilities also offer their own training programs for nurses and or other healthcare workers, and priority for these positions will be given to those with the best training, in addition to those with a good work record.

There are many advantages to entering the medical assistant field. If this is a career path that is right for you then beginning your journey at Ayers Career College is a great first step.

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