CVS Pharmacy Awards Pharmacy Technician Scholarships to Students

Learn about these Pharmacy Technician Scholarships and more

Pharmacy Technicians are vital in today’s healthcare industry. Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to, measuring medication, maintaining patient files, and providing general clerical support. Fortunately, this position is projected to grow 6% year over year, with over 44,000 jobs becoming available. With companies currently offering faster than normal career growth and competitive salaries, now is the best time to get this new career started. 

Ayers Career College’s new partnership with CVS Health helps our students ease into their new career. This partnership was born in part of the value that CVS Health sees in Ayer’s Career College students. Some benefits of this partnership include job placement opportunities at CVS Health after successful completion of our training programs, and pharmacy technician scholarships for Ayers students who qualify.

Keep reading to learn how this partnership can line you up for a top tier pharmacy technician career with help from Ayers Career College and CVS Health!

Pharmacy Technician Scholarships

CVS Health recently awarded five $500 pharmacy technician scholarships to current Ayers students. These hard working individuals were selected based on a number of qualifications. 

Pharmacy technician scholarships like this are valuable to students, as it helps alleviate the burden of tuition costs. In turn, students are able to fully focus on excelling in their classes, thus beginning their new career on the right foot.

Job Placement Assistance

Through this partnership, Ayers students who would like the opportunity to work at CVS are given a more seamless transition from the classroom to the pharmacy. CVS representatives will help you start the transition and application process prior to you graduating, meaning you will be ready to start right away. You will also leave Ayers already knowing CVS core values and priorities, making you especially qualified to succeed in a CVS Pharmacy.

 Wall Wrap Feature

Through this partnership, Ayers students have the opportunity to begin their new career at CVS. Our job placement team helps our students start the transition and application process prior to graduating. This means students will be ready to start their new career right away. Students will also leave Ayers already knowing CVS core values and priorities, making them especially qualified to succeed in a CVS Pharmacy.

“Every time our pharmacy tech students walk down the hall and into their training lab, they are reminded of how important they are to the community, and that they are truly valued by amazing employers like CVS Health,”  said Billy Hanisee, Campus President of Ayers Career College.

Get Your Pharmacy Technician Career Started at Ayers

This partnership with CVS Health is just one of the many we have with both local and national employers. Our students will have access to these and many more benefits after successful enrollment in any of our training programs. With all the opportunities offered, beginning your new career will be easy! Make a wise investment in your future by joining us at Ayers Career College! 

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