What is a Career College & Other FAQ’s

There is a misconception among many young people today that the only path to a successful career is through traditional college. The overemphasis placed on the four-year college route has blinded many individuals from careers within in-demand industries that require much less time to get trained and educated.

Since you are here, you understand that technical schools like Ayers Career College exist, but you probably have questions. Ayers Career College has made a list of all the relevant questions we are often asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

To start the admissions process at Ayers Career College, you can choose to call our Admission’s office at 1-800-317-0131 or fill out the form on this page to set up a time to speak with an Ayers representative.
Ayers Career College is located in Shreveport, Louisiana. Our current address is: 8820 Jewella Ave, Shreveport, LA 71108.
Housing is not available at Ayers Career College at this time.
There is an ample number of advantages to attending a technical school. From the quick training, spending a fraction of the money on college tuition, and hands-on learning, to name a few.
The most significant difference between technical schools and other colleges is the amount of time a student must spend completing their education. Most programs can be completed in about one year, while students who attend other colleges often take a minimum of four years to complete their education.
The cost of attending a career college will vary according to the program you decide to enroll in. At Ayers Career College, students who qualify will have some form of financial aid available for them. This financial aid usually consists of grants, which students do not have to pay back, and/or loans, which will need to be paid back. Of course, for students who can afford it, paying out-of-pocket is always an option as well.
Yes. Ayers Career College is proud to participate in VA Educational programs that aid veterans, active-duty military, and even spouses and dependents in obtaining their CDL. Visit our Veterans Benefits page for more information.
We have new classes starting regularly. To learn about our next class start, please visit our Events page or call us at 1-800-317-0131 to talk with an Ayers Admissions Representative.
That will depend on the program you enroll in. Most of our programs are completed in 36-weeks, which is still far less than college. If you know what you are interested in learning, check out our program page for more detailed information.
The programs taught at Ayers Career College are careers that are in-demand throughout Louisiana and the United States. Along with attending Ayers, students will also have access to our Job Placement Services, where staff will help students find jobs available that they are now qualified for.
Checked out our FAQ, but you still have questions? Contact an Ayers Career College representative by calling us at 1-800-317-0131.

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