HVAC-R techs perform a variety of tasks, including system tune ups

AC & Heating/Refrigeration tune-ups are some of the most common jobs of an HVAC-R technician and property owners regularly utilize the work of HVAC-R technicians to help ensure buildings are running as efficiently as possible.

“An HVAC inspection is extremely important because it helps to make sure your system is prepared for the heavy-duty lifting it’ll have to do during the winter,” James Merritt, owner of AirNow, Inc., a top-rated Millbrook/Montgomery-based HVAC contractor that provides HVAC service, repair, and maintenance, said in a company press release. “Have you had the tires rotated and oil changed on your air conditioning and heating system? It’s just like normal maintenance of your car or truck.”

A furnace or heat pump tune-up and complete HVAC system inspection can include 30 or more checkpoints that help optimize the effectiveness of the system, which is why the task requires a professionally trained HVAC-R technician who understands the system and what to look for. HVAC-R technicians will inspect air filters and perform cleanings and replacements, perform an inspection of all coils and ductwork, airflow measurements, and test the heat pump, furnace, and entire air conditioning unit.

According to AirNow’s press release, there are many reasons why property owners should have regular inspections from HVAC-R technicians.

· An inspection and tune-up can fix any potential little problems before they become big problems. “The tune-up is designed to find out and fix any potential deficiencies now so your system doesn’t break down when it’s below freezing outside.”

· It can help consumers save money in the long run. “Little fixes now can add up to big savings later. You don’t want to be in a position where your entire system needs to be replaced a couple of months down the road because something simple wasn’t checked or adjusted in the fall. Seasonal maintenance can also help save on monthly utility bills.”

· A furnace or heat pump repair, service, and maintenance tune-up can also save time and headaches later. “The last thing you want to be doing when the temp is below freezing is scrambling to try and fix a broken heating system. You don’t want to have to go through the hassle of emergency repairs, especially when the comfort and health of your family are at stake.”

“There’s no reason why a home heating and cooling system can’t last 15 to 20 years,” Merritt said in the release. “Just takes a little proactive work and preventative maintenance, that’s all. Believe me – it pays off.”

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