Medical assistants must be trained in clinical procedures and personal interaction

Medical assistants are often the face of the medical industry. They are typically the ones patients see first and that is why it is important for people entering this field to be properly trained in not only clinical procedures but also be capable of interacting with patients in a way that makes them feel safe, comfortable, and cared for. If performing clinical tasks with an emphasis on “customer service” sounds like a good fit for you then becoming a medical assistant might be a great career move.

Depending on the work setting, medical assistants prepare patients for examinations by collecting vital signs and medical history. This part of an examination can be an uncomfortable one for the patient. They may be seeing the doctor because of an unknown illness and fear the worse. A patient might have fear and discomfort with being in a doctor’s office, which is a normal feeling. Or, some patients may be agitated that they just had to wait 45 minutes in the waiting room and are in a hurry to get back to work. These reasons are why today’s medical assistants are asked to have good people skills and are trained in the type of customer service that is focused on medical care in a clinical setting.

At Ayers Career College students of the medical assistant training program are equipped with the skills today’s medical offices are looking for when hiring medical assistants. With the health care industry showing rapid growth, medical assistants are in high demand, and those with the proper training, like students of Ayers Career College, are at an advantage in getting these high-paying and stable jobs.


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