Many Reasons to Become a Pharmacy Technician

Growing Demand in the Industry

There are many reasons to become a pharmacy technician, including job security and good pay. But there are other reasons that make this a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Some choose a career as a pharmacy technician because it can be a great first step to becoming a certified pharmacist. More training is necessary to become a certified pharmacist but pharmacy technicians get a close look at the job duties and they can build up valuable experience.

Others are attracted to the pharmacy technician profession because it offers a chance to work in the health care industry without having to perform any clinical duties. There is no blood or broken bones to deal with. However, pharmacy techs serve an important role in the health care industry.

The health care industry is experiencing rapid growth and careers in this job sector typically pay higher than the average national salary. A pharmacy tech works in the health care industry and benefits from the rapid growth, but there is not a need to go to school for several years like there is with other careers in the health care industry.

Another perk of being a pharmacy technician is it offers the chance to work closely with a variety of people. Not only do pharmacy technicians work closely with a certified pharmacist, but they also work with a variety of customers by helping them place prescription orders and file insurance forms.

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