Pharmacies have a rich history in America

The pharmaceutical industry has a long history in the United States and pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have been playing an important role in society for almost 200 years.

According to the National Pharmacy Technician Association, a secret society was formed in New Orleans in 1857 called “The Mystic Krewe of Comus.” The society’s members were made up of wealthy citizens, including pharmacists and doctors who met at a pharmacy in the French Quarter neighborhood of New Orleans called Pope’s Pharmacy.

“In earlier times, the pharmacist was a person individuals could go to for their ailments and get advice as to how to treat their woes,” a release from the National Pharmacy Technician Association said. “He or she was seen as a person who was a community icon and someone people could easily talk to.” The Pope’s Pharmacy was a community pharmacy for the general public, but other pharmacists were selected for the Court Apothecary and Royal Apothecary, which serviced various country leaders and were considered to be in a position of prestige and power.

The rich history of pharmacies in this country dates back much further than the traditional corner drug store. While the role of a pharmacy and pharmaceutical staff has changed over the years, the value in society has never been greater as pharmacy technicians are in high demand to help meet the growing demand for pharmaceutical services in this country. The healthcare industry is looking for professionally trained pharmacy technicians to help meet the growing demand and become the new face of this historic industry.


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