Pharmacy Technician Students See Success in Industry

Ayers Career College graduates reflect on their journeys as Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy Technicians are an essential part of our nation’s workforce. Their responsibilities span beyond passing out prescriptions to include mixing pharmaceutical preparations, maintaining patient profiles, and accurately refilling prescription requests. These operations require well-trained workers who have a deep understanding of the profession.

Since the inception of our program in 2004, Ayers Career College has helped thousands of pharmacy technician students successfully begin their new careers. These students have achieved incredible feats and excel in their professions. Keep reading to see some of their success stories below!

Sabrina Turner – Pharmacy Technician Graduate

Faced with the decision about her career path, Sabrina knew precisely what she would choose. With a known family history of drug allergies, she set out to learn more about them. Sabrina looked into becoming a Pharmacy Technician. After seeing the opportunities Ayers offers its students and hearing her uncle’s positive experience, she enrolled in Ayers’ Pharmacy Technician training program.

She learned much about this career, with the compounding medicine lessons being her favorite part. Upon graduating, Sabrina utilized the Career Services Center, which connected her with area employers to secure a position in her field. Lastly, Sabrina wanted to pass along the following sentiments to future Ayers students: “If you start at Ayers, you will be given plenty of time and help if you ask for it.”

Chrystal Mitchell – Former Pharmacy Technician Student

The medical field always interested Chrystal; however, finding a profession that fit all of her criteria proved a bit challenging. After a quick Google search, she found Ayers’ Pharmacy Technician training program and quickly enrolled. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Chrystal’s program moved to completely virtual-based. Despite this, she greatly excelled in all her courses and thoroughly enjoyed the sterilization courses.

During her clinical, Chrystal matched with who would later become her full-time employer. When it came time for graduation, she came across the friendly customer service and happy sentiments from Ayers’ staff she encountered the first time she stepped into the building. Before her departure, Chrystal wanted to pass along some sound advice for those thinking about looking into this career: “If you want a career that offers their workers a good salary, you can’t go wrong with becoming a Pharmacy Technician.”

Makayla Jones – Pharmacy Technician

TikTok offers users hours upon hours of content, but it was never where Makayla thought she would find her new career. At first glance, she wasn’t sure this would be the medical path she would go through. Nevertheless, she knew it was worth learning more about. Following some online research, she happened upon Ayers’ Pharmacy Technician training program. Since it had the highest reviews and offered hands-on learning, Makayla knew it was the right move. She completed every class successfully but took a particular interest in the lab classes. These allowed her to apply the skills and instruction from her classroom lessons to real-world scenarios.

When it came time for graduation, Mikayla had to choose her following path. With help from Mrs. Daffodel in the Career Services Center, she polished her resume and interviewing skills while participating in mock interviews. These extra steps helped her get into nursing school, where she is putting her pharmaceutical knowledge to use every day! When asked what her top piece of advice is for those thinking about becoming an Ayers student, Makayla said: “Ayers offers great programs to their students. It does offer some challenges, but the hard work will pay off in the end!”

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