HVAC-R industry needs workers with training on new technologies

The AC & Heating/Refrigeration (HVAC-R) industry has experienced many changes in technological advancements, and those being hired in the industry are required to understand those new technologies and practices.

One example of how the world of HVAC-R has changed is through the use of wireless controls for energy systems that are growing in popularity as business owners and homeowners look for ways to cut down on energy costs. According to a Web Enterprise article, companies like EnTouch Energy Management are producing wireless energy sensors that chart electricity consumption and relay that information to a manager that can adjust output accordingly.

“The system is remotely accessible through the customer’s WiFi network, providing automation, data reporting, and maintenance alerting features,” the article said. “The combination of energy savings and low installation cost results in significant savings on energy bills and a rapid return on investment.”

The new systems might be cheaper in the long run for consumers, but it is also changing the required skills HVAC-R technicians must have. Today’s technicians must understand the new technology systems being used today and how to perform maintenance and repairs on these systems.

If you are serious about beginning a new career as an AC & Heating/Refrigeration technician, then you must receive the kind of professional training today’s employers are looking for. The best place to meet those requirements is at Ayers Career College, where students of the HVAC-R training program are often in high demand.


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