5 Reason Why Women Should Consider the HVAC Industry

Your Rewarding Career in the Trades

HVAC offers an exciting career path for women.  If you have ever considered a job in the skilled trades workforce, here are five reasons why you should take the plunge into this rewarding field.

1. Short Training Time

It only takes months of training to start earning money as an HVAC technician. If years of schooling has never appealed to you, training in HVAC can help you move forward quickly into a meaningful career.

2. In-demand Jobs

Women currently make up only 1.4% of the current industry. With skilled labor shortages, HVAC is one of the most in-demand careers on the market. In fact, the job outlook for HVAC careers is expected to grow 14% before 2024, which is double the typical growth for most industries.

3. Steady Work

Women know it is important to have a reliable income. HVAC work can be the perfect path to this kind of stability.  The majority of HVAC technicians are employed full-time and have access to steady work throughout the seasons. Regular weekday hours are common, although busy heating and cooling seasons may provide opportunities for overtime or odd-hour work.

4. Variety and Creativity

Most HVAC techs find that each day is different from the one before.  As a technician, there may be multiple service visits to different locations on the same day. There may be chances to stay at the same job site for several days at a time.  Opportunities for both indoor and outdoor work abounds. While the skills needed may remain the same from job to job, each project presents unique opportunities for problem-solving and creative thinking.

5. Great Pay in a Rewarding Field

HVAC technicians make an average of $45,110 per year.  With additional training and certifications, it’s possible to grow your career throughout your professional life.  In fact, the number of women who own and manage their own HVAC businesses has never been higher.

Get Started as a Technician

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