New standards will impact HVAC tech demand

New performance standards were approved this year that will make the evaluations of homes for HVAC work more efficient and provide clear guidelines for certified contractors. The approved guidelines come at a time when AC & Heating/Refrigeration (HVAC-R) technicians are in growing demand as the HVAC industry continues to grow.

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America Educational Institute Standards Task Team announced that the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has recognized ACCA 12 QH-2011 Existing Homes Evaluation and Performance Improvement standard, according to a press release issued by the organization. The release also states that ACCA 12 QH-2011 was developed by ACCA in cooperation with the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) and is the first, and only, industry-developed nationally-recognized standard that establishes how to audit, evaluate, develop a scope of work, perform the work approved by a homeowner, and test completed work.

“ACCA is proud to offer the home performance community with the first standard for existing homes that are in line with our other ANSI recognized standards,” said Paul T. Stalknecht, ACCA president and CEO. “This new standard provides clear guidelines for how to properly evaluate homes, provide homeowners with appropriate solutions, and then perform the work. And, by requiring third-party verification to ensure that the work was performed correctly, gives more credibility to the contractors who are following the standard and sets them apart.”

“We were happy to work with ACCA to create this standard for existing homes,” says Steve Baden, executive director of RESNET. “RESNET will use the standard as the foundation for its Energy Smart Contractor designation. Having an ANSI standard for existing homes will make the entire industry stronger as a whole.”

As energy efficiency becomes an important factor in home construction and maintenance, AC & Heating/Refrigeration (HVAC-R) technicians are in high demand. The new standards will only further grow the need for professionally trained AC & Heating/Refrigeration (HVAC-R) technicians.

The optimism of air conditioning officials about the future is yet another indication that this field is poised for strong growth and can offer a long-term career option for those looking for a new profession. Students of the AC & Heating/Refrigeration (HVAC-R) Technician training program at Ayers Career College are provided with professional training that makes them some of the most highly sought-after job applicants as companies specializing in air conditioning and heating/refrigeration are trying to keep up with rising demands.

Today’s AC & Heating/Refrigeration (HVAC-R) Technicians are called upon to complete a variety of installations and repairs in a wide range of environments. New technologies and the growing number of renovation projects on historic structures is requiring that AC & Heating/Refrigeration (HVAC-R) Technicians have professional training and experience on a wide variety of systems.
Because of the demand for experienced and trained AC & Heating/Refrigeration (HVAC-R) Technicians, the average pay for this position is often higher than other entry-level jobs and the demand for more AC & Heating/Refrigeration (HVAC-R) Technicians continues to grow each year.


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