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Homeowners advised to hold HVAC techs to high standards

by on December 28th, 2012 in Articles

Homeowners are advised to pay careful attention to the type of AC and Heating/Refrigeration technician they hire to perform maintenance or repairs on their home, which is why today’s technicians need to be professionally trained.

The American Conditioning Contractors of America recommend that homeowners find an HVAC technician or company through a referral from a friend.

“The best predictor of a contractor’s future behavior is to find out how well they performed for someone you trust,” the ACCA says on its website. Homeowners are also encouraged to verify that a HVAC technician is certified and to understand what HVAC licensing is required in your state or city.

“Ask the contractor to describe their employee training program,” the ACCA adds. “If they’re not able to answer this question, they probably don’t have one, and that’s a red flag.”

If your system requires replacement, ACCA says it’s important to remember that HVAC systems are complex, and a system’s successful installation depends more on the abilities of the installer than the equipment itself.

“Replacing an HVAC system is not like taking one box out and putting another in,” said Paul T. Stalknecht, ACCA President & CEO. “It’s a system that is part of another system, the entire building. There are numerous steps that must be taken to ensure maximum comfort and energy efficiency.”

Heating and air conditioning systems are often only noticeable when they stop working and that is when homeowners realize how important they are.

“Unfortunately, when it’s working, too often we neglect it,” Stalknecht said. “Which makes it even more likely that it’s going to stop working! Just like cars, HVAC systems need regular maintenance. Take care of them and they will last a long time. Neglect them and they will leave you stranded when you need them most.

“The key is to find the right HVAC contractor to keep everything running smoothly.”

Industry organizations like the ACCA recommend that homeowners pay careful attention to the type of technician they hire and companies want to find the best HVAC technicians they can find.

The HVAC industry is one of the fastest in the country, especially as building construction, home construction and renovation projects begin to pick. New technologies and an increased focus on energy efficiency is also driving up demand for HVAC technicians and employers are in need for professionally trained HVAC-R technicians that understand today’s AC & Heating/Refrigeration industry.

In today’s era of high unemployed, there is a shortage of skilled labor employees, and that includes HVAC technicians, especially those with relevant training in in newer systems and technology.

If you are serious about beginning a new career as an AC & Heating/Refrigeration technician then you must receive the kind of professional training today’s employers are looking for. The best place to meet those requirements is at Ayers Career College where students of the HVAC-R training program are often in high demand due to the high level of training they receive and their ability to adapt to new technologies that are constantly changing the HVAC-R industry.

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